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Making Impossible, Possible.

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Our Mission

At the forefront of subsea defence and security, our technology, developed with precision and ingenuity, promises to redefine what's possible beneath the waves.

Drones for various uses from navigating confined spaces to broad surveillance, enhancing efficiency and precision in underwater missions.

Charging and data syncing, supporting continuous autonomous surveillance and immediate intelligence.

Submersible Drone Technology

Resident Docking System

Advanced Data Transmission

Real-time data feeds for instant insights and secure communication, boosting decision-making and efficiency in seabed missions.

About Us

Established by a group of forward-thinkers united by a passion for expanding the possibilities of subsea security and defense.

Committed to innovation, we envision a future where advanced technology not only strengthens underwater safety and sovereignty but also serves pivotal civilian roles. At the heart of our mission lies the dual-purpose application of our solutions, designed to navigate the challenges of the deep, safeguarding the oceans' mysteries while also unlocking their potential for peaceful and sustainable use.

Making impossible, possible.

Contact Us

5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AN, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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Commitment - Integrity - Loyalty